The expert team

Introducing our expert team at White Lake, where passion for pheasant hunting meets expertise. Meet our skilled staff and seasoned guides, each with their unique stories and insights, ready to make your hunting adventure an unforgettable experience.

team leaving the bus for a hunting trip
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As an owner, Kaci enjoys spending time in the field with the clients which allows her to learn more about the hunters, experience the hunting memories first hand, further build relationships with the clients, but most importantly, watch her dogs work. For her, it’s all about being able to see the work of the off season impress the people who get to hunt behind her dogs.


As an owner, Cory appreciates the opportunities to spend time in the field with the hunters. He is often unnoticed doing the behind the scenes work of the operation, but guiding clients gives him the opportunity to experience the smiles of success. He is very thankful to the relationships he has been able to build with the clients over the years and looks forwards to new hunting stories to share every fall.


I started working for WLHL as a very young kid when EF Watson started the operation in 1996. I transitioned onto the 2nd owner cleaning birds and maintenance of the property. Currently, I now guide and occasionally help clean birds. My wife Kara, sons Ashton and Oakley, call White Lake, SD home. We have 3 labs and look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!


I live in Humboldt, SD and began working at WLHL in 2018. In my opinion, there is nothing better than shooting a large colorful rooster pheasant off of a pointing dog. I really enjoy watching the dogs work their butt off to produce you that bird. Going hunting with your best friends and being outdoors with nothing to worry about is what I look forward to most in the fall. When not working at WLHL, you can either find me hunting or training dogs.


The reason I loved coming to SouthDakota (WLHL) is not just for the hunting, but because of the friendships I have made over the years and meeting all the different people who come to hunt at the lodge. It is so much fun watching and guiding someone to kill their first pheasant. Kaci and family have done a lot since taking over the lodge and have the GREATEST kids! They have the best cook that you can imagine, we just love seeing Nancy every year. While home in East Tennessee, I hunt and fish a little, raise a few head of cattle, & since retirement, I am able to spend more time in SD pheasant hunting!


I started coming to South Dakota in 1990 south of White Lake before the lodge moved to the current location in 1996. I enjoy playing golf, fishing, some deer hunting, and being a part time farmer. Out of all the different types of hunting, pheasant hunting is what I enjoy the most. Each year is a new challenge age and I really enjoy meeting all the people from different walks of life.