Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your hunting trip or lodge amenities.

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What are your safety protocols
  1. 100% safe, 100% of the time
  2. Eye protection mandatory, ear protection recommended
  3. Guns loaded in the field, unloaded out of the field.
  4. No loaded guns in transport or at the lodge
  5. Semis-bolt open or shell inserted to show that it is open
  6. Over/under-broken open
  7. Hunter blaze orange-no exceptions. Vest and head protection is a must.
  8. Know where the other hunters in your party are at all time
  9. Do not shoot at low birds – if it’s low, let it go and if you don’t know, let it go.
  10. Do not shoot running birds. No ground shots.
  11. Watch your barrel! Do not sweep a loaded/unloaded gun by anyone.
  12. Carry your loaded gun in the field with the barrel pointing up (not down, backwards or sideways aiming at your partner)
  13. Listen and obey to your guide, they are there not only for your fun, but for the protection of everyone, including the dogs.
  14. Be open to criticism, if someone tells you to watch your barrel or shot, it’s a nice way of saying you are not doing something as safe as you think.  Don’t get defensive, get responsive.  It’s everyone’s job to be safe.
  15. Guns and alcohol do not mix, once you have had an alcoholic beverage, your shooting for that day is over (even for skeet/trap.)
  16. Watch for special cases, if it’s cold, gloves/heavy clothes can get caught in triggers and cause you to fire your gun when not anticipating.  Be extra vigilant!
  17. Hunting is fun, but shooting is more fun, but, if you have shot a lot of birds in your party, hang back, let others take shots and enjoy the glory.  It’s about the group, and not just you.
What type of gear should I bring?

We suggest you wear and upland pant or chap, dress in layers, waterproof hunting boot, blaze orange vest and hat, stocking hat, shooting gloves, ear and eye protection, and shot gun. Guns may be shipped to the lodge ahead of time. We also have guns available to use if you do not wish to travel with a gun. Also, if you wish to take birds home with you, you may want to bring a cooler.

Where is the closest airport?

Commercial flights are available in Sioux Falls (typically the cheapest and the closest) or Rapid City. Private airports with heated hangers are available in Mitchell or Chamberlain.

What type of license should I buy?

Hunters are responsible for their small game license. Nonresident Small Game licenses cover (2) 5-day periods. Approximate cost is $120. These are available online (https://gfp.sd.gov/license-types/)or at most convenient stores or outfitter stores once you arrive in South Dakota.

What can we expect for meals and drinks?

Our kitchen staff prepares a full breakfast buffet daily with eggs to order. Popular items on the buffet are biscuits and sausage gravy, grits, bacon, country ham, pancakes or french toast, breakfast potatoes, dessert breakfast, oatmeal, fruits, assorted juices, and a full coffee bar. Lunch will either be provided in the field with sandwiches, fruit, chips, candy bars, cookies, pop, and water, or back at the lodge with grilled hamburgers, brats, chips, fruit, and desert. After the hunt, you can expect daily appetizers. Supper is also serve buffet style with a FULL salad bar. Our entrees include from steak, brisket, chicken, pheasant, and pork loin to name a few. The buffet is full of multiple side options and salads. Dessert is always served with ice cream. Our kitchen staff makes everything from scratch. Do not expect to leave hungry! We also provide standard beer, liquor, and wine, however you are welcome to bring your own. The fridges are stocked with soda and waters.

How are gratuities handled?

Our staff works very diligently to provide you the best experience you can have at White Lake Hunting Lodge. Be mindful the dogs and year-round dog care and training will take your hunt to the top level. Our guides are working to please you and ensure your hunt is successful. Our kitchen staff will guarantee any and all needs are met.  The bus drivers, bird cleaners, and housekeepers all work together to ensure your stay with us is top notch. Gratuities may be handed directly to your working staff, or given to the owners to divide appropriately between the staff. Typically, tips range between $200-$300 per gun.

Who cleans the birds?

We do have a staff responsible for cleaning all the birds harvested daily. Birds are breasted out, packaged, and frozen before you leave. Whole birds are available upon request.

What can I expect to see from the use of dogs?

Our guides are using only the top trained and tested dogs. We use mainly pointing dogs (vizslas) in the field. We also have a couple of labs that tag along. Hunters are welcome to bring their dogs to the lodge. Dogs are welcomed inside the lodge (crated) or in the outdoor runs. Hunters are REQUIRED to use a e-collar on their dogs and must be able to handle their dog. If a hunters dog is not cooperating, they will be asked to leash and kennel their dog the rest of the hunt. All dogs must be up to date on vaccination and must include the bordetella vaccine.

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