White Lake Hunting Lodge | FAQ
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Q. What is the price ?
$1,650 plus 6% SD sales tax for 4 days of hunting, food, and lodging. Deposits made prior to March 15th, 2018 will receive a $100 discount.
Q. When do hunts begin ?
The 2018 Pheasant Season begins October 20th.

First hunt arrives on October 19th and departs on 24th.

Second hunt arrives on October 25th and departs on the 30th.

Third hunt arrives on October 31st and departs on the November 5th.

Fourth hunt arrives on November 6th and departs on the 11th.

Fifth hunt arrives on November 12th and departs on the 17th.


*We can add later dates in the season as needed.

Q. Where is White Lake, South Dakota ?
1 1/2 hour west of Souix Falls, South Dakota on I90, Exit 296.
Q. What is the physical location?
White Lake Hunting Lodge, LLC
24945 374th Avenue
White Lake, SD 57383

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